Welcome to my 100 day challenge. My name is Gwendolyn Hustvedt and I am an artist, professor, reader and writer who lives in Central Texas. Stop by each day and read what I am up to during my 100 days outside the echo chamber.

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The Point

Last November I realized that if I could get back all the time that I had spent obsessively and pointlessly reading content about politics and spent that time reading and making art, I would be happier.  My tentative plans for this 100 day challenge are to:

  1. Write every day about something, possibly just about what I have been reading and making but possibly about what I am learning from the experience.
  2. Watch everything I can find on Netflix and Amazon (what I currently can get for the fees I have already paid) about art. Authors, painters, musicians, it is all fair game.
  3. Share photos and discussions about my creative process. I have two other blogs for my professional life so I might occasionally cross post.


End: Day 100

Here I am, at the end of my 100 Day Challenge. Am I a changed person? Yes, but I doubt the change was driven as much by myself as by the external forces that have changed everyone the spring of 2017. I have wrestled with distraction and come away reaffirmed in my sense that I …

Holy: Day 80

The 80th day of my 100 Day Challenge happens to fall on Palm Sunday. By this point, my friends have noticed that I am no longer strictly observing my “diet” of black. I explain to them that my scarves are beautiful and that my intention in beginning the capsule challenge was not to state that …


This blog is dedicated to the benefits that 100 days can have in making a life. Beginning January 20th, 2017 and continuing for 100 days, this site will document my efforts to pull away from the abnormal, crazy and unhealthy and pull towards the timeless and untarnishable in life.

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