Community: Day 24

Sunday is the perfect day to think about what I am willing to do to be part of a community. We use this word, “community” to describe the global tribe comprised of Sexual Minorities. I imagine that many people in the Sexual Majority use it to describe the group of people who live in their town, but I know we all use it to describe our membership in a tribe. 

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Trollope: Day 19

I have just completed a book considered Anthony Trollope‘s greatest: The Way We Live Now.  RIght up there with MIddlemarch, LIttle Women and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in the Guardian’s 2003 list of the top 100 novels of the English language, this humorous epic is a scathing take-down of the corruption of the Victorian Era. It is also a reminder that there is nothing new under the sun.

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Museum: Day 11

One goal of my 100 Day Challenge is to “fill my eye” with images and inspiration that are worthy of art. Today, I walked the Museum Reach from the San Antonio Riverwalk to the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA). I can’t think how I have lived in Central Texas for 11 years and not visited this museum yet. Actually, it is likely that I have been mostly satisfied by my visits to museums during my travels for work. 

The textiles at the SAMA are a few pieces in the Asian, Polynesian and Middle Eastern collections. Inspiration for textile design can come from many sources, however. 

The ceramics from Japan included an exhibit of pieces from the the 20th century that I will refer to during my current project. 

A jar in layers of green and brown… 

The flow of translucent blue glaze down a slick of white porcelain… 

The floral shapes in shades of coral and gold… 

Further into the gallery are older pieces. 

A lacquered box in green and gold with a purple strap. 

The delicate dragonfly in gold on lacquered sword hits.. 

A wall of crests including a banner of with a circle of crane wings and a hibiscus flower…

A bowl filled with golden butterflies… 

A rustic bowl and pitcher with delightful shades… 

It was the paintings by San Antonio native Julian Oderdunk that provided the color inspiration for today’s colorway of the Old Main pattern. His impressionistic landscape of the Texas Hill Country are the popular images sold as prints in the gift shop but it was the orange and aqua glow of the painting of the San Antonio River that caught my eye. 

And here is today’s pattern.