100 Days of Real Life: Day 1

I am so excited! I have spent the past two weeks getting ready (or at least trying to be ready) for this 100 day challenge. The challenge I have set myself?  100 days of being a producer instead of a consumer…

I am doing this challenge based on intuition and this has made it a bit hard to explain to people. One day soon I am going to explain how the amount of media I consume has left me feeling, but for today, I am going to focus on what the challenge means I need to do, not on what I am not going to be doing.

I set myself the challenge of writing everyday. Done.

I set myself the challenge of creating a pattern everyday. I am working on a project (to be revealed later) that requires plenty of patterns, so I can share a pattern/design with you today that is part of that larger project.

This is a quick sketch of a Carolina Wren feather. From my reading at Travis County Audubon I have learned that this bird can be seen in San Marcos.

The fun of sketching this feather is that I was using Photoshop and my new(ish) Wacom pen tablet. I am not super deft with the tablet yet, which is why including it in my 100 day challenge feels like a good idea.

The best way to get better at something is to give it time. It turns out, I don’t need to get any better at obsessively reading news websites. I have had years of practice, starting with following every exciting minute of the Green Revolution on Andrew Sullivan’s blog. The internet is great, it brings things so close, but I keep forgetting that many people are using the internet to sell, sell, sell and making me addicted to reading them is part of the sales pitch. But, I want to get better at other things besides ignoring ads.

Here’s to 100 days of trying to be better.

(I appreciate the irony of asking you to obsessively read what I am writing to avoid obsessively reading someone else’s writing. I promise that I am not going to use this challenge to sell you anything, ok? This includes ads.)

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