Media: Day 14

I broke my media fast for long enough to discover that I am not the only one overwhelmed, fatigued, tarnished by the pace of the news these days. 

Of course, we have been seeing discussions about self care (I am an expert in this art),  about screen time and about social media, but I haven’t seen as much about the damage done by standing in front of the firehose that is the current state of “Breaking News”. 

This article on the in the NYT (yes, irony alert)  titled 

Fatigued by the News? Experts Suggest How to Adjust Your Media Diet is behind the pay wall, which I am happy to pay to support journalism in the real sense of the word. The experts in news media and journalism interviewed for the article agree that “things really are different” in that the quantity of news, the number of places to encounter news (Snapchat?!) and the feeling that every update might be vital. 

Experts agree that in the face of our fatigue, news outlets are increasing the negative tone of the coverage in order to pull us back in even when we are already “satiated”. Years from now we will be able (hopefully) evaluate the profits of news producers during this era. 

The summary conclusion is that using a digest to merely “skim” the news is appropriate for those feeling traumatized by continual exposure to the stories of unfolding events. I didn’t see my tactic discussed, but I welcome a return to learning what I need to know from people I know. 

This upcoming local event, the debut of a film: Tiramusu for Two, that was filmed here in San Marcos Texas, looks intriguing. 

There is an Art Walk on February 11th that will also feature this film.  

For a pattern for today, here is another colorway of the Cityscape pattern. 

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