Peace: Day 22

I am attending the 168th Episcopal Diocese of Texas Council meeting in Galveston today. I haven’t attended a big church meeting like this before, but I have been to plenty of conferences, so I know what to expect. However, the word for today is Peace. 

The second word of the SPICES acronym that outline the Testimonies of the Society of Friends is not the milktoast peace of mind. This Peace is the power behind nonviolent demonstration and conscientious objection to participation in war.

If Peace of Mind comes from knowing that I am willing to do the right thing, then standing up for Peace is a path to Peace of Mind.

During these days, I have considered what I am willing to do to defend what I believe in, such as equal access to the courts and equal protection under the law. I know that I would take steps to work against a war I did not believe in, but what are those steps? Something to ponder.
Nothing amazing, just a tablet sketch, about all I can upload on this tiny bandwidth. 

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