Integrity: Day 23

The life I live with others should reflect what I believe, this is Integrity. A frustration with the lack of honesty, of reality,  in the world around me can be an invitation to deepen my alignment between what I believe and how I live. 

Integrity is the third of the Quaker Spices. The best description of these principles I have found is here in the Friends Journal, an article for teachers at Quaker schools. This article suggests that helping my students develop a motivation for learning that is internally based, instead of based on grades, is helping them develop integrity. 

For me, the most familiar use of the word integrity is as the name of the organization of LGBTQ Episcopalians. The Integrity group sought to help ALL Christians live lives of Integrity by allowing their outer lives to reflect their inner truth. How different from the proposition that we would be doing a kindness to our friends and family members by lying to them. 

Now days it is so easy to tell people how we feel about politics, but am I brave enough, do I have enough integrity to stop talking and let my life match what I believe? 

I have started a new book about the value of traditions. Neal Stephenson is literary comfort food for me and Anathem is a tale I have already read but I know I will enjoy the intricate unfolding of the centuries old purpose of the monastic order on another planet that is going to use Math and Science to save the world. 

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