Community: Day 24

Sunday is the perfect day to think about what I am willing to do to be part of a community. We use this word, “community” to describe the global tribe comprised of Sexual Minorities. I imagine that many people in the Sexual Majority use it to describe the group of people who live in their town, but I know we all use it to describe our membership in a tribe. 

I know that community is good for me, as an introvert, even if being in community is sometimes the last thing I want to do. I am hoping that emptying my life of the faux community created by social media and membership in Internet tribes will open my life to time and willingness to be with actual people building real community. 

We would like to imagine that great artists, writers or painters, do their creative work as individuals, without the need of community. But, the film I was watching about Impressionists last week placed a lot of emphasis on the role of artist’s organization on their learning from each other and eventuality success.I am eager to become part of a community of artists here in San Marcos and have to ask myself why I have not yet been successful in this goal? Is it my natural reluctance to join social groups when I don’t know what they are planning to do, fear of being caught in social situations where I don’t know the rules? Is it my desire to form deep and meaningful friendships rather than superficial ones that makes me limit the attempt at friendship to protect my time for the friends to whom I am already committed? What am I willing to do for community? 
Here is a little sketch of a photo I took of the neighbors’ magnolia tree last summer. 

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