Equality: Day 25

The fifth Quaker Testimony is Equality. Here is something that I have spent lots of time pondering. As a child, I never could wrap my mind around the idea that I was supposed to be different and, more importantly, be treated differently, because I had XX chromosomes instead of XY chromosomes. 

At least a bit of this confusion came from having a mother who was at least as intelligent, muscular and determined as any man I had met before going to school and almost any man I have met since. I can remember the point in the road that the school bus had reached, the view from the window, when I understood that my body, with it’s sex characteristics, was just a cloak or veil draped over who I really was. 

I believe in Equality because I believe in souls. I believe that when you strip away the things that make us different, you find the things that make us the same, a soul, yearning for meaning. 

On the art front, I just entered this silk painting in the First Lutheran Church of San Marcos River of Life Lenten Art Exhibit. I will hear by the end of the month if the jury chose it from among all the 2D entries. 

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