Radio: Day 27

I can’t quite put my finger on when I realized that radio was political, but somehow, there it is. Even your choice between country, oldies and classical is supposed to be saying something about you. So, I am going to say something about me. I listen to BBC Radio 4x and have for years.

When the BBC began streaming radio content over the Internet, it was a very private affair, much like all Internet radio. This was before smartphones were developed. In 2003, I began “timeshifting” the BBC stream by using a program to record their midday shows so that I could listen during my midday. The Xtra channel plays material from the BBC backcatalog. 

When the BBC launched their improved digital strategy in the run up to the 2012 Olympics, I didn’t see an impact until the iPlayer Radio smartphone was relaunched. It is amazing! 

I can listen live to any stream, sure, but I can also quickly see the schedule for past and upcoming shows and repeat the stream of any shows I missed overnight. I can download and play and shows that come in podcast form. 

The catalog is still mostly the same, but I enjoy Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes. The comedy is sparkling as always and anytime a news quiz game show threatens to break my news fast, I can switch to BBC 3, which plays classical. 

Here is the little owl I am working to transform. 

 I created a template that I can use to hand-cut the feather shapes for the owl project. If I am given the Mermaid project, I will use a cutting machine to cut the scallop shapes. At this point however, I can use scissors for a project this small. 

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