Dust: Day 29

Yes, 100 days without reading the news for an hour a day on the internet could make you crazy to clean, but this isn’t the dust I am thinking about today. I am thinking about the metaphorical dust featured in Philip Pullman’s great fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials.

I really enjoyed this YA series. Pullman wrote the series in response to his daughter’s shock that Susan, a character in the Narnia series, was barred from Narnia when she lost her “innocence”. Rather than try to explain to his girl that she would still be just as worthy of heaven after her first kiss as she was before her first kiss, Pullman wrote a new series where the girl at the center of the story, Lyra, became a hero because of her wisdom and experience, not despite. 

The Guardian revealed that Philip Pullman is writing an epic fantasy trilogy, The Book of Dust, set in the same universe and exploring more of Lyra’s life.  The first, yet unnamed book in the series will be for sale on October 19th. Mark your calendars. 

I am still exploring the templates for feathers. My next plan is to print my cutting template onto freezer paper and iron it to the fabric to make it easy to cut out the right shapes. I will probably end up quilting a version of the Mermaid if I am not chosen to make a statue in this round. 

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