Social: Day 3

Listening to other people talking about seeking the “real”, I hear lots of people mention that they are pulling away from Social Media. Common complaints about social media include the careful curation that stimulates FOMO and social comparison. 

Immediately following the 2016 Presidential Election, I deleted Facebook from my phone. I was laying in a hotel room in Canada and I felt, with dawning horror, that social media had created not a window into the real lives of others but a mirror into the fantasy lives that the algorithm believed I share with others.

I had learned previously that Social Media can create a certain amount of havoc in a real life. I heard from younger people that this is one reason that they enjoy Instagram, because it allows a different level of control over the glimpses that are shared. Let me give a specific example. I have heard from some people that they appreciate the “share to Facebook” part of Instagram because it allows them to post a picture with comments onto their Facebook feed without “risking” being drawn into what is happening on Facebook. I suspect that it is not news to you that if an internet tool requires complex negotiation to prevent emotional damage to real lives, mine and others, then this tool must be treated with careful respect?

Yes, as part of my 100 day challenge, I deleted Facebook from my tablet and phone. I wanted the reminder that social interactions (even over the internet) are ultimately real, they have real implications for real people and that I can’t substitute a few minutes of mindless “liking” for interactions that can nurture me. The upshot is that, while I am sharing a link to this blog through my Facebook page, I am not personally going to Facebook right now. If you are skipping Facebook as well, you can use a subscription to receive an email each time I post the daily blog. I am not going to do anything nefarious with your email, I promise.


This is a red hawk feather cluster. I think tomorrow I will be ready to share the pattern I built from the feathers I have sketched so far.

During a visit to the Public Library (which will receive its own whole essay) I picked up a book about making scrapbooks that I found especially enjoyable.

Make Your Own Ideabook by Arne and Carlos.

I have been keeping a creativity journal since last year and am now working on my second journal. There were some fun ideas in this book about how to journal knitting ideas.

Arne and Carlos are a Norwegian and Swedish design duo (business and life partners) who, I have discovered, also have a great website I will be visiting again.

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