Green: Day 32

“love that is graceful and green as a stem” – Leonard Cohen

Green is not my favorite color to wear, but it is my childhood favorite color and it is the color of love.

“When will you make my Easter dress? ” I asked my mother as we lay on her bed in the afternoon.”What color do you want?” she asked me, putting aside her book. “Green!” I said immediately and with joy.

My Easter dress is the one new dress that I would get in the spring. I would make my own summer clothes, shorts and tops, not dresses. New clothes would come in the Fall. I only wore dresses to school for a number of years when I attended Faith Baptist until I outgrew everything starting public High School.

“Go look in the closet ” Mom said, turning to look directly at me. I jumped up and opened the closet next to the dining table. Their master bedroom was serving as the living room of our small, incomplete home. Hanging there, with cream lace around the neck and long sleeve openinga, was a miss green princess seam dress with a gathered waist.

“Oh Mom! It’s perfect. My petit point rose brooch will look perfect. Thank you, thank you.” I rushed back to the bed with the dress.

“Thank goodness. I was 95% sure you would say green. I don’t know why I took the risk.”

“Mom!” I asked with wonder, “would you have made another one if I ┬áhad said another color?” I could see the imaginary blue dress in my mind’s eye. “Yes.” she said “Good thing I know you so well.”

This is a watercolor of a Google Earth image of the Netherlands.

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