Yellow: Day 34

While green may be the color of jealousy, yellow is the color of greed. Yes, jaundice may occur to the innocent but in adults, it is seen as evidence of greedy excess. Midas may live in a golden world, but eventually greed catches up with him. Yellow is also, for odd reasons, the color of the media.

The video series on colors on Amazon spends a bit of time focusing on the color of yellow that we know as blonde. Of course, I have just made an appointment to bleach some of my ash/birch tree colored hair to a pale butter yellow. Am I greedy for youth or eager to be reminded of happiness, the sunny joy of yellow.

My Catalonia series on color reminds me that while in the West, yellow is the color of bitterness, and poison, of stars that marked the Jews for death, in the China it is the color of the river that birthed all civilization, in India it is the color of spices that make life full of flavor, a color of luck.

The towering mountain of yellow sulfur sitting dockside in vancouver is the color of fertility. Like the sun, it can burn, but it is also the source of life. A reminder that the media is like sulfur, essential for the way we life, but capable of causing fires and bitterness and poison and must be handled with caution.

Van Gogh called his studio in Arles, the Yellow House.  Toodling through the Google Arts and Culture store of his images, I came across a pencil study of a field that I have reinterpreted in yellows.

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