Blue: Day 35

I promised my favorite picture from the Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo. Click through to see it! Blue, blue, blue!

Ah blue, I can’t begin to say enough about blue. Yes, it somehow has this reputation for sadness but I think that is because it is the color of a cold, starlit night and the sad see more of those. For me, blue is the color of deep calm and peace.

When we were young, I noticed that the front door of a house caddicorner to the school had a blue door. This blue was a particular shade called Periwinkle. “The House with the Periwinkle Door” became a portal to mystery. Somehow, I was sure that behind that door was the most serene home ever. I wished so much that I could be brave enough to walk up the sidewalk and open the Periwinkle door.

If I could live on a Greek island, I would hve a bright blue house with white, deep windowsills looking out on the blue sky and the blue see.

Funny to think Homer didn’t know the color blue, never named it. Imagine a time when everyone in┬áthe entire world was not able to see blue.

Here is the blue painting by Harald Sholberg from 1914 that I promised from the museum. I can’t wait to meet it in person. How perfectly blue and cool, like every moonlit night in snowy mountains. I miss the blue of snow.

I also created a cover shot for today based on a painting in the background of another Scandinavian painting in an exhibit at the Skagen Museum in Denmark, called Evening Atmosphere. I was attracted, like the painter a century ago, by the blue hour on Denmark’s Northernmost beach.

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