Brown: Day 36

Brown is such a modest color. But, like all modest things, it has hidden complexity. Did you know that the most difficult color matches are shades of brown? Product lifecycle managers hate when Khaki is trending! Brown is the true color of forest and I love forest over anything else.

I love water, that is true, but my longest and strongest natural loyalty is to the trees Loving brown means loving the fresh young saplings, but also the moulding fallen trunks and the loam gathered over the roots. The rotting of natural materials, the maturity of nature, this is also the color of brown. This is one reason why it isn’t very popular for modern products. Brown is the color that rejects synthetic dyes. Ask anyone. Who says their favorite color is brown. Is this partly because there isn’t a color choice in the dropdown for brown? Champagne, yes, but brown, no. I chose off-white appliances for my home, to better match the light brown wood, tile and countertops. They call the countertops bronze, but it is really brown.  Can I find more cream colored appliances (e.g. light brown)? No, I am stuck with red, white, blue, black or stainless steel. AARGH.

As you know, I have switched to wearing black for the duration of my challenge in order to heighten my perception of color in the world around me. Prior to this, I wore blue and brown. Tan, camel, bronze, khaki, cinnamon, chestnut, brunnette, all these shades of brown are so lovely.

The book for today is the Amazon audible version of

The pattern for today is a version of the Casa Modernisma with the brown highlighted. This pattern features trees and vines and an Arts and Craft style home, and brown is very much at home in the Arts and Crafts movement.

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