Orange: Day 37

Orange is a modern color. It is a popular choice for people signaling innovation and provides the best contrast with the old, trustworthy blue. I enjoy orange precisely because it plays so nicely with blue.

In evaluating the claim that orange is a modern color, a color of transition, made by the Catalonian series on Color available on Amazon, I examine art movements across time. The Google Art and Culture tool, an app (apple and android) and a website, allows me to examine the art included in the collection from across the world using time eras, or more specifically, art movements. Comparing Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Art Nouveau, and finally Modern Art by color, I can see that the color orange does appear much more common in the Modern Art.

This makes me wonder, if like blue, orange is benefiting from an increased ability for us to perceive it as a color separate from red or yellow. Surely color theory plays a role in our perception of colors. The color of rust, forges and rotting leaves would not have necessarily inspired a color family. The color that is created by mixing red and yellow and that is scientifically opposite to blue? This color deserves a house at least as grand as green or purple.  Unlike green or purple, however, there are no grand or romantic stories about the invention of dyes or methods to dependably produce orange. I believe orange benefits most from the development of plastic that allows blends of red and yellow pigments to be embedded into products and produce a highly visible color that has turned out to be useful.

I am feeling a bit glum, but I swear it isn’t from wearing black everyday. I cheated a bit yesterday and broke out a very large pendant. Porcelain with painted flowers, the pendant goes well with the coral rose earrings I bought in Barcelona. Here’s the thing however, I can’t actually see my earring and pendant while I am wearing them and I mostly don’t see my own clothes, so I don’t see how they can affect my mood as much as the things around me, which are colorful as ever. I think my mood is glum because I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to create space for creativity in the face of so many administrative demands at work. Even my role as Senior Warden at church has an administrative tone. Why, oh why did I let people know I was good at writing memos?

To cheer up I watched Fantasia, very colorful and with good memories of entertaining my niece and nephew while their parents enjoy a night out.  Is Fantasia 2000 as good?

I dipped into my textile pattern catalog to pull out a cheerful orange pattern made from Gaillardia flowers, the flowers that give Texas State University its signature maroon and gold school colors. I wonder how many other schools take their colors directly from a local wildflower?

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