Gray: Day 39

Gray is the last color in my series about color. While the Color in Series show ends with black, I have already focused on black. Like pink, grey is a shade of a color that has a life of its own. Silver, the mirror we use to see ourselves, coming and going.

The beauty of grey in art is that every single color, hue or shade has a gray moment, just before it falls into black. This means that gray comes in a thousand subtle shades. In fact, using just ink, entire paintings can be made in shades of gray and black (Grey in Chinese Painting).

Moonlight is my favorite shade of gray. In the long summer evenings in the Northern latitude, a moonlit night could have tremendous visibility long past midnight. I remember,  as a child, being woken by the moon and pulling on saddles to run up the silent mountain roads while everyone else was sleeping. Coming back to the house with the cool grey scent of the moon deep in my hair to fall into a dreamless sleep.

Earlier, in blue, I shared a screenshot of the moonlight painting in Oslo that I am looking forward to visiting in May. Johan Christian Dahl is the leading Norwegian painter and his painting of a moonlit sea is a fitting close to this exploration of color.

A commercial during the Oscars just told me “real is a diamond” but really, aren’t diamonds a pale substitute for gems with some color? I am glad that commercials are asking me if I know what is real, I am asking myself that same color, but I don’t think that a gemstone with no resale value being supported by an international cartel is my definition of real. This reminds me to be suspicious of things that need to claim reality, eh?

Here is a version of the same pennywort pattern that I led with, only without the adjustments down the greyscale, so you can see where the colors came from.

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