Breakout: Day 42

Capsule wardrobe? Thumbs up! Monochrome dressing? Thumbs up! Black as the monochrome? Thumbs down! I would love to read the “science” on this but dressing in unrelieved black may not work on a long term basis for naturally optimistic people. Here is what I learned.

  1. I had a bit of trouble adjusting my cosmetics to work with the lack of reflected color or light onto my face, but I solved that with MAC Hush highlighter.
  2. I can’t imagine an easier way to transition into a capsule wardrobe. Everything works with everything and it all looks classy, even the sale items from Target. For travel, this will be genius.
  3. Fewer people than I would have imagined read anything into the black. The association with beatnicks and fashionistas is now stronger than with Victorian era mourning. 
  4. My collection of vintage jewelry has never looked better. Not competing with the textiles allows the metals, jade, coral, crystals, bone, beads, pearls, porcelain, acetate, shell, glass, stone, gems and enamel work really stand out. 
  5. Yesterday, Day 41, it had to end. 

I put on a scarf. Not a black scarf. Not even the silk scarf I recently painted with black dye that finished a blue shade, the apparent undertone of the black dye I use. I put on a red, gold and teal 35×35 silk scarf that was a gift from my trip to Ethiopia. Folded so the scene of the Queen of Sheba in the court of King Solomon was hidden, the gold on teal was the perfect antidote to feeling ill.

It turns out that I don’t care about the various clothes that I own but I do care about my scarves and not wearing them was too hard. However, my sense that black provides a great backdrop for my scarves, just like my jewelry, remains to be tested. Can I keep the ease, speed and classiness of the black capsule but add the pop of color with scarves? As my Scandinavian friends say, “Why Not?” 

To get in the scarf spirit, I have been enjoying the Liberty reality show series on Amazon. One long commercial for the store, Yes, but what a store! 

New patterns soon but in the meantime, another watercolor sketch from this weekend. 

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