Hygge: Day 43

I have been waiting to write about the cozy trend from across the pond, hygge. A Danish word that is related to our English word “hug”, hygge is often translated as warm and cozy and is the spirit of the candlelit interior on a cold winter night. 

Some things that I find Hygge 

  1. Dorothy Sayers novels. Yes, I know a dead body isn’t a nice touch for a warm, candlelit evening with friends, but Lord Peter Whimsy is the definition of cozy. 
  2. Midsomer Murders. After a day in a decidedly non-hygge world, retreating to our West Elm sofa to enjoy a sure to please show means Detective Barnaby and Sergeant Jones, Scott or Troy. Each episode features some cozy village event, a fete, garden show, May Day, Bell ringing  or Choir contest. 
  3. Great British Baking Show! Season 2 and 3 now streaming on Netflix. Pies, cakes, biscuits and tea bread. Modest British bakers. Nuf said. 
  4. LED Edison bulbs in the chandelier. 
  5. My dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer. Cozy warm hugs are her specialty, that and lying on my feet. 
  6. Toast. With Butter. My grandmother made bread each week during my entire childhood and if I timed it right, which somehow I always did, I could have a slice fresh from the oven spread with margarine. No bread is the same as her dense, bland whitest if white bread but a slice of English toasting bread from HEB toasted in a skillet with butter comes close. 
  7. Hot cocoa with chamomile. Put two heaping teaspoons of cocoa powder over a generous dollup of honey in the bottom of your mug. Stir in a bit of boiling water to make a smooth syrup and add cold milk and a chamomile tea bag. Pop in the microwave for two minutes or so, enough to heat the milk worth forming a film. Use the spoon to stir the tea bag along the bottom to dredge up any settled cocoa syrup and enjoy. Best right before bed. 
  8. Sheepskin: slippers, chair covers, neck wraps, faux or real. Wool gets the job done. 
  9. Tea scented handcrafted, candles or bubble bath. 

This is a page from a turn of the century book I found in the rubbish. I like the border pattern and the whole picture feels very Hygge. 

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