Strategy: Day 53

I haven’t posted for 9 days but I have been busy working on the 100 Day Challenge all the same. In any plan, it is helpful to stop and evaluate progress compared with an original vision. My original vision was to reduce my anxiety about feeling disconnected from real life. I stated in the beginning that I knew that talking about my concerns about the Internet, on the Internet, was paradoxical. I had hoped, correctly as it turns out, that spending time blogging about my use of the Internet would help me wean myself from the activities that were of concern. Here’s how I have changed things up.1. My blog at is more than enough. I can post there about almost everything I discussed here, without any confusion for the audience of my creativity I am trying to cultivate on that webpage. I thought that sharing more personally here would help me understand what I was anxious about, but it really didn’t. Being personal on the internet may work for some folks, but it doesn’t really work for me.

2. My smartphone is definitely part of the problem. Last week I received my feature phone and figured out that I am perfectly happy most days just receiving text messages instead of email. I genuinely have an addition to news, which is of course, the goal of people making money off of news. Limiting where and when I use news has really worked out for my during this challenge. Ditching the smartphone is part of creating those boundaries.

3. Clothes, shopping and color is not the problem. I like the capsule wardrobe, but all black all the time is not a good plan. I have reintroduced some specific colors, like mustard, teal and coral. My scarves were the first chink in the black armour and it is a good thing. Adding a single colored item to the black theme is a way to help the color pop and still gives me the restraint I was craving by going towards a capsule wardrobe.

4. Facebook is absolutely the problem. My instinct on election night to delete the Facebook app from my smartphone was a good one. I am going to spend the next part of my 100 Day Challenge shifting away from Facebook. Every reason people give me to use this tool are countered by real concerns that I have about the influence of this tool in our lives. I am going to be deactivating my account and by the end of the Challenge, if I see no reason to keep it, I am going to delete it. I will keep my artists page, by having someone else help me administer it, so you can still see my art, but you won’t be interacting with me personally. This whole time you haven’t been interacting with me personally on Facebook. I have been using apps to post on Facebook without going there and each time I peek in, I am not pleased by what I see. I will miss my international friends the most, but I will encourage them to shift to my artists page

So, if you like hearing from me about my art and travels on Facebook, please please please shift to like so that when I delete my personal account, you don’t lose touch with what you like to hear about.

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