Mindfulness: Day 6

If a browser bookmark list is a glimpse of the state of my mind, then I am of decidedly two minds. I have one list titled “Shop” and another titled “Not Shop”. I built the “Not Shop” bookmark list to provide a counter balance to home/fashion blogs that always end making me feel like shopping. This challenge requires daily mindfulness and reading websites about not reading websites might seem contradictory, but small steps…

The links on this list are focused mainly on mindfulness and minimalism. These would seem to be the two states of mind that would be strong enough to cancel out the will to shop or “consume mindlessly”. I got these sites by searching other blog posts such as http://www.thegoodtrade.com/features/minimalist-blogs.

In no particular order I have bookmarked:














I think the Hygge links on the list deserve their own post, so I will link that back here once I get that written.

As you can see, this list comprises a mix of travel, home, fashion, philosophy and money advice. I have found http://www.breakthetwitch.com/ to be especially helpful. The person who began this blog was also concerned about the amount of time he spent interacting with his phone and the advice he shares about his experience trying to break the “twitch” towards his phone is illuminating.

In terms of music for minimalism, I was reminded the other day of a composer/musician that I enjoyed while a teenager. Many happy hours were spent lying on the floor with my Walkman listening to a cassette tape of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene. I found the skull image on the cassette cover to be a bit frightening, but the music was so calming. I can slip into trance states easily and this album does the trick a treat.  I have since read that Jarre’s outdoor concerts are the largest in history and can well believe his impact on electronic music.

In terms of my pattern project, here is a pattern developed from a Google Earth screenshot of the City of San Marcos, including Spring Lake, City Park and Rio Vista Park. The challenge was to take something very much a square and let it repeat without the sharp square edges, so there is definitely some fantasy landscaping here. I have also manipulated the colors and can create endless colorways using layers in Photoshop.




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