Guests: Day 8

If social media presents the end of the reality spectrum furthest from “real” then house guests are the most real. My brother flew in from Denver for the weekend.

Of course, he points out that since he does not use Social Media, we are going to have an interaction that does not have an “unreal” equivalent. But, let’s say for the sake of argument, that I have a guest that I usually interact with on Facebook. Is their visit to reality and my scrolling my Facebook feed is to unreality? Not exactly. To parallel the social media experience, my guest would have to show me photos of their vacations and their family and we would talk about the latest news story and the favorite recipe for dumpcake. I would show them my latest painting and talk a little bit about how it is made. OK, now the first 10 minutes are done. Now what do we do.

Is one thing we like about social media the efficiency? Do we feel as if we are interacting with so many people with very little cost?  Anyone with a house guest will be reminded eventually that social interactions have a cost of some sort. But, I love my brother and I want my growth and his growth as individuals to contain at least some growth in our relationship as siblings. Sitting next to him in a chair at 7 in the evening while we both type on our computers does feel more real than being separated by entire states, even when we reach across that separation using the telephone or SMS.

Sitting side by side, I was browsing the Google Arts and CUlture app on my phone I was reminded that I can look at paintings by many of my favorite artists in galleries around the world.

This painting by Van Gogh, the Harvest, was the one that caught my eye.

My pattern for the day is a new one. I have used an old photo of the Old Main building at Texas State to create a sketch in Photoshop that I can use in a variety of patterns. Here is one where I also built a cloudy sky in the background, but I think it has a bit of a camouflage feel.

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