Alexa: Day 9

I was not expecting to consider the Internet of Things as part of my 100 Day Challenge, but to quote my Scandinavian friends “Why Not?”. My house guest brought along a possibly more permanent resident to our home, an Amazon Echo.

After reassuring us that the device does not record our conversations and only “listens” to its surroundings when it hears the wake word (so it must be listening before this as well) we are exploring how this can be added to our home. I went into the app that controls the settings on the device and adjusted the news sources right away, the defaults would break my 100 Day media barrier. I was disappointed to see that news is still the dominant offering and I will consider in future posts if that is a healthy thing for our world today. So “word of the day” it is.

Alexa can serve as a bluetooth speaker and begin playing my Audible audio books on command, so that is a nice feature that I will explore to see if it fits into our lives. We did enjoy asking for music. One little health habit we cultivate is to play a disco hit and dance around the kitchen for several minutes each day, just to keep the balance systems challenged. Alexa serves up disco quickly.

On the art front, I watched a documentary on Netflix about the Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang who uses fireworks to create both surface design and art installations. Inspiring and beautiful. If his family can could create art out of the ashes of the Cultural Revolution, I can certainly get something done here in bucolic Texas. Research more about this artist for my post here led me to other sources of reading that focus on Art News! So, maybe I can have my cake and eat it too?

Here is the pattern for the day.

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