End: Day 100

Here I am, at the end of my 100 Day Challenge. Am I a changed person? Yes, but I doubt the change was driven as much by myself as by the external forces that have changed everyone the spring of 2017. I have wrestled with distraction and come away reaffirmed in my sense that I am a person of the 20th Century. I was born towards the end of the 3rd Quarter of that century and spent my childhood and young adulthood in a 20th Century world. Writers I am reading suggest that people of my generation will become more valuable precisely because we remember so clearly a world before the non-stop electronic exaggeration. I don’t know many young people in the USA¬†who spent part of their childhood without electricity, let alone without YouTube.

I Ghosted from Facebook without a problem and what I read now leads me to believe that the troubles in Social Media, the warping of world views and the psychological damage to ego, habits and willpower created by these glowing boxes are just beginning. I reaffirmed my role at my church, not because of a deepening belief in God but a deepening belief in the benefits to society of having people who are connected by empathy, ethics and traditions will create community that is sadly lacking among people who are connected by alogrithms and computer networks.

I am still writing everyday, but I am writing with a Tradio foundation pen in a Rhodia notebook.

So, goodbye to the 100 Days of learning about myself, about art and about reclaiming the Real in a world that is throwing real things away in exchange for the hollow, false and shallow. Now…250 days to write a book!

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