Reflections on 40 Days: Day 40

40 Days is long enough to create a new habit, according to some. After 40 days of this 100 Day Challenge, have I acquired any new habits, do I have any insights? I can see, for one thing, that my smartphone is definitely part of the old life that I want to change.

Cutting back on the amount of time I spent reading news updates or news analysis was partly accomplished by changing my smartphone. Step one, Uninstall any apps dedicated solely to sharing news. I am on Android and one of my longstanding complaints about the Google Newsstand app is that it wouldn’t let me guide it towards news sources that I consider high quality and away from some that are frank about their role as propaganda arms for hostile foreign governments. Delete the app? Problem solved. Also, how about letting the Google Now feature in Android know that I am not “interested” in news, so that it will stop trying to ham-handedly offer up what the algorithm suggests is what I want. 

My RSS reader, Feedly, or my Medium app let me customize my sources or don’t feature “ripped from the headlines” stories that are really, deep down, just click bait posing as information I “need”.

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